Republic and the Royal House ,the State protocol issue

It is time to put the State before the decision to officially recognize the role of the Portuguese Royal House as representative of the country’s historical legacy. A group of Portuguese people launches a petition to place a non-issue on the installed Regime, a natural reality: for The majority of the Heads of State, for the majority of Portuguese residents and non-residents and for almost all of the portuguese-speaking World.

Again the issue of the State Protocol.

HRH D Duarte de Bragança, as Head of the Royal House, representative of the History of Portugal . The Portuguese Royal House, in the person of D Duarte is internationally recognized as a representative of Portugal and neither the services of the Republic dispense with the presence of SS AA RR when the visit of a foreign Head of State takes on monarchic colors, after all before a Monarch of Another country is always prestigious to mention that in the XII century we were already a sovereign Kingdom , not a sovereign Republic.


Sintra’s Castle

At the time of the approval of the law that determines the current State Protocol, legislators with seats in the Assembly of the Republic (of which the current President of the Republic was a member) hadn’t the least idea of the country in which they lived. Again, in order not to change, they feared the fragility of the republican institutions. After all, it lasted only 16 years before the longest authoritarian regime in Europe, and the last 40 years have been nothing more than plugging holes in the always imminent overthrow of the institutions that should safeguard the common good. They considered SAR a threat to the Republic and the Constitution passed to 1975 with the first article of the Basic Law to ensure that from there the country would be no more than adjectivation of Portugal … republican Portugal, while teaching the children of the primary That we were still as Portuguese as in the 12th century.

D Duarte spoke little, was single, and was supposedly lacking the verbal virility of many who in the following years would be planting bombs and threats to a fragile regime. Prejudice is an easy argument, but it did not resolve Portugal’s almost obligatory adherence to a tutelary institution that would save us from such fragility and in 1986 Portugal would adhere to the EEC.

Since then little or nothing of the essential has changed, the prejudice continues (although moderated by the age of the Constituent Assembly, after all already entered the 70’s), Mr. D Duarte remains the same in the way of being (despite being married and have descendants), D Duarte de Bragança continues to be invited by the Portuguese State to official ceremonies of reception of foreign Heads of State and is received by these as an official representative of Portugal. Essentially nothing has changed, only if you have lost valuable time in trying to correct something that has never worked, Portugal will never be the Portuguese Republic as the Presidents will never abdicate to live in Royal palaces in a scenic play of the role of a King.

This can not be considered a favor, as the former President of the Republic (Cavaco Silva) would imply in the words he addressed to the foreign media, but rather the recognition of a fact.

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One Response to Republic and the Royal House ,the State protocol issue

  1. Richard B. B. Miller says:

    Sensible thing would be -to recognise a Constitutional Monarchy in Portugal, and follow the great success of to name only a few examples such as Britain, Spain and Sweden, that bring in millions of tourists every year who love to see the ‘pomp and ceremony’ of the ancient societies.

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