Should Europe’s republics be replaced with monarchies ?

Should European republics be abolished? Are constitucional republics a bad idea that spread in the XX century ? Are republics a political flop, incompatible with 21st Century democracy and innadequate to stop political Dictatorship? Is it time for Europe’s royal Houses to assume an active role in the european construction ?


Romenian republic: former king Michael I of Romenia is invited to adress the parliament for the first time, in 2011, since the country had been took by the communist party in the 60’s

In 2017, the British queen celebrates her 65-year sapphire jubilee, becoming the first British monarch to ever reach that milestone. Is it a moment of national unity and pride, or a reminder to many Europeans that the Republican rule isn’t perhaps the best system ?

In 2017, there are technically eleven sovereign monarchies in Europe. These include seven EU Members (Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and, for now, the United Kingdom), as well as Norway, Andorra, Liechtenstein, and Monaco. In all of these Monarchies there is currently no serious movement pushing for republicanism , but the opposite isn´t quite the same.

In contrast, Nacionalism is growing fast a bit all around the world, specially in the Constitucional republics. In Europe that is specially a strong since the Brexit -we must remind didn´t came from mainstream politicians but from the nationalist fringe-.

The position of the Queen on European  unity is all another take, on June ,2015 :

“division in Europe is dangerous”

read in this BBC article with a video .

Not stopping there we have the King of Belgium:in here

«Britain and the United States had embarked on risky paths that could “reverse the course of history (…) This new attitude seems to seek to reverse the course of history, and goes against their tradition of openness and generosity, and their participation in a common commitment and dream” » Belgium’s King ,Philippe

Republicans often argue that monarchies are an anachronism in a democratic society, particularly due to the fact that no republican can run for King or Queen and stablish their own personal rule.Often is argued that they (Monarch) are often heavily subsidised by the taxpayer, even though all the political parties are State- revenue-dependents no one questions that the cheer existence of a Royal House brings jobs and money to the economy, a thing that a any political party is yet to do.

Monarchies bring political stability, respect for tradition and a sense of national pride, along with a large revenue to the State and a public image that often has a political weight internally and externally , but that is not even half the picture. In the XIX century it was common sense that Europe’s Royal Houses framed a cultural unity troughout Europe due to their family bonds . Europe’s demise only came after the annihilation of the Monarchy rule .Replacing Kings for ellected public officials showed to be an open door to all the horror that came with nationalist parties, no republican Institution could stop that and no one did. Europe was destroyed, wiped from existence, and when it did rebuit enough all the European states understood the relevance of an European unity to ensure , not wealth or National pride, but that it would not happen again to their children and grandchildren. If we , 70 years passed over the Last War, can criticize the European Union we cannot do it repeating the same mistakes that our grandfathers did, installing a Republic and closing all doors (Portugal did just that ,to no end) .We must correct and improve the Union of Europe by demanding a better political system and not better politicians (being subject to fortune ) ,by demanding a political structure that ensures stability and good politicians, not the best but the ones who will do their best .

A Monarch surely is not the best but is surely one wo will do is best, not for the ruling party,but for the country

European Union , though his log republican rhetoric, is placed on top of a pile of uncertainties and seven monarchies. The case of Britain ,where a small partie thrown  into the trash four decades of Britain geopolitical strategy , is quite serious .For the broad picture we are talking of two generations of politicians and the most part of Queen Elizabeth’s reign and a proof that no coutry is immune to the ambition of a handfull of men.In this case a shake in one of these monarchies was enough to shake all Brussels.

Could a direct position from a member from the Royal House brought another result, certainly !

Could a republican Britain say with absolute certainty that the next President would not bem a Mr Farage   ? No!

Is in this corner of History that Europe balances , no Union of republican states can last effectively in History , only the Monarchy rule can unite Europe.It is the task of the XXI century to rethink the nature of constitucional monarchy in an obsolete world pile of Republics

Ricardo Gomes da Silva

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